Meet our Staff



 Originally from Woodbridge, VA Jazel relocated to Richmond to attend VCU back in 2010. She majored in Information Systems/Business and graduated in 2014. In addition to doing freelance web design and social media marketing, Jazel is passionate about helping children and expanding their knowledge especially in the areas of technology and fitness. As a new mom to a 6-month-old baby girl and as the oldest of 5 children, Jazel has a unique calmness that makes her not only a magnet for children but also a great conduit for their desire to learn. She has obtained a certificate from the Department of Social Services and looks forward to continuing to expand her certifications related to childhood development and learning. She is excited to be leading Balance Space's Kidpreneur Workshop efforts and bringing her entrepreneur skills to children and young adults through engaging and interactive learning opportunities. What drives her is the desire to help people succeed and spending quality time with her children and family.