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What could you get done with a few hours of reliable internet and childcare? How about if you could get some fitness time and businesses coaching from the leading minds in the industry who truly get your business and your obstacles? The time has come. The place is here. You have finally found space for balance. 
Because work life balance is the unicorn we are all chasing. 
Ever juggled a laptop and a child on your lap?
We never want you to have to choose between parenting and productivity again. 

Memberships feature

  • Available Mentorship Programs for entrepreneurs
  • Wellness Classes On-Site
  • Collaborative Shared Workspace Environment $200 a Month 
  • SPACIOUS Individual Offices $600 - $1500
  • Podcast Room
  • Photography Room
  • Conference Rooms
  • Child Care onsite INCLUDED with your membership.
  • Full Kitchen Access

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 As busy moms we recognized that the days simply did not have enough days or hours in them to accomplish everything we needed and be the perfect parents that we wanted to be. Working at our kitchen tables surrounded by crumbs and toys was great until we needed to have a client meeting. Having a client meeting then meant scrambling for a babysitter, praying we closed the deal to make the babysitter worth the money, or the dreaded daycare where I know personally I felt like I was working just to pay for child care. 
Balance Space was born out of these two mommas frustrations with the everyday struggle of trying to please kids and clients as well as make an income. We brought co working to a whole new level for small business owners by having child care, coaching, and fitness all under one roof. We believe that you cannot do it alone which is why co working is such a great idea but then took it a step further by providing on site coaching from a variety of experts who are leading their industries to ensure success for each business that works under our roof. Our memberships include everything: coaching hours, child care, co working space, and opportunities for fitness classes. This was an idea, now it is a reality, and even better it is a growing community of SUCCESS!
Here is to you and finding your balance!


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Balance Space Co-Working

10431 Patterson Avenue, Henrico, Virginia 23238, United States